With all of the secular Christmas decoration displays at shopping centers, and Japan’s focus on finding a date at this time of year, it’s all too easy to forget the real reason for the holiday on December 25. Really, the central figure in our minds shouldn’t be Santa, nor the cute girl or hot guy you just went on a Christmas Eve date with.

Christmas is a day when we should all stop for a moment to remember that the holiday is an observation of the birth of an amazing individual. Someone who, at times when our souls are tested, has always been there to show us the way, through his combination of wisdom, courage, and ability to effortlessly slice a 30-meter giant to death.

In other words, happy birthday, Attack on Titan’s Levi!

Yes, December 25 is the birthday of the cool and ruthless Captain Levi. While the younger, more emotional Eren is the ostensible hero of Hajime Isayama’s hit manga, and leading lady Mikasa has her fair share of fans, Levi is by far the most popular character in the series.

With December 24 being the height of Christmas festivities in Japan, Christmas Day itself can be almost dully quiet. That’s not the case for Levi’s legions of admirers, though, who’ve spent the day celebrating the birth of the 160-centimeter (five-foot, three-inch) powerhouse.

▼ Can’t have a birthday party without cake, right?

▼ Some Japanese people claim to not like the idea of eating food coloring. That doesn’t seem to be a problem for this fan.

▼ Whether you think throwing a birthday party for your anime crush is excessive or not, you’ve got to admit the Levi-faced daruma doll is a pretty cool idea.

Most of the time, Levi is all about the Titan-killing, and shows interest in little, if anything else. He is often depicted sipping a cup of tea, though, so it makes sense that it would be the beverage of choice to prepare in his honor.

▼ Is Levi checking out that plate of scones because he thinks they look tasty, or because he deduces that with such giant-sized food lying around, there might be Titans in the area as well?

It may not be tea, but Aichi Prefecture’s Belcorno restaurant, frequent latte art contributors, also whipped up a special cup for the Captain.

Leaving drinks behind, one fan decided to give a tip of the hat to Levi’s other indulgence, meticulous cleaning.

▼ Although that teacup next to the futon is just asking to get spilled all over the flooring when he wakes up.

▼ A recreation of the Survey Corps’ forest ambush operation, but substituting streamers for harpoons. We’re sure neat freak Levi is thankful none of the party crackers are stuffed with cockroaches.

▼ The life of Levi, in GIF format

Perhaps the award for most work put into a birthday greeting goes to this fan, who claims to have drawn 1,225 (as in 12-25/December 25) little Levis in this scene.

▼ We’re just going to take her word that the Levi count is accurate.

And finally, even if you lack the artistic or culinary skills to make a piece of fan art or bake a cake, you can always get in on the celebration by sharing a picture of your stash of posters, plushies, and other anime goodies.

▼ More Levis than a blue jeans factory

Merry Levi Day! God bless us (and save us from the Titans), everyone!

Source: Jin
Top image: Rocketnews24