When I was 17, I was an aspiring interior designer, but I lacked the passion, determination and talent for it, and never got anywhere in that trade. 17-year-old aspiring artist Mandy Wang, however, is probably going places with her talent and passion for drawing, seeing as she has already captured the hearts of over 70,000 fans on Instagram! Just look at the lovely drawings she creates with colored pencils and watercolor, after the break!

Hailing from San Diego, California, 17-year-old Mandy Wang is an aspiring artist, and a huge fan of Disney and Marvel productions, her inner-fangirl evident in her many, many illustrations of Disney and Marvel characters. While many of the amazing fan art we’ve seen come in the form of digital art, Mandy creates most of her pieces with colored pencils and watercolor, which leaves us in awe because we’ve all used colored pencils before but our pencils never produced anything like Mandy’s did. Check out her awesome creations!




▼ Mandy occasionally does portraits of her favorite celebrities too.



To see more of Mandy’s brilliant drawings, follow her on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr. She also uploads videos of her speed drawing process, so budding artists, you might want to take a peek at her YouTube channel too!

Source/Image: Instagram via Zhaizhai News