Three-dimensional character bread, called chigiri-pan, is currently trending on Japanese Instagram under the tag #3Dちぎりパン. These upright, puffy loaves are handcrafted by artistic bakers with more than a pinch of creativity and dollops of love. We’ve already spied loaves in the shape of some popular Disney, Ghibli, San-X, and Moomin characters, among others. Perhaps one of the following creations will inspire you to try your hand at making some chigiri-pan for yourself!

It must take more than a little trial and error to perfect making chigiri-pan, but the finished product sure is fun to look at — and, we imagine, eat! Different colors are achieved by mixing a variety of colored powders into the dough, including cocoa, green tea powder, and sweet potato powder (the deep purple color).

Below are some of the cutest and most creative chigiri-pan that we could find online. Which one of the following loaves do you positively want to just gobble up?

And, since we know you’re wondering, the staff here at RocketNews24 wouldn’t be opposed to any benevolent donations of chigiri-pan. Especially if someone manages to bake a loaf with a ring of Mr. Sato heads!

Source: Naver Matome
Featured image: Instagram/umi0407