When the anime adaptation of early-nineties horror manga Parasyte hit the small screen in Japan this year, the contrast between the artwork of the original manga by Hitoshi Iwaaki and the updated new-style character designs of the anime left some fans disappointed.

Inspired perhaps by this same sentiment, Niconico user kurobaru has hand-drawn the opening sequence of Parasyte -the maxim-, staying as close to Iwaaki’s original old-school manga style as possible. Join us after the jump for a look at how it turned out!

We think you’ll agree that the time and effort that have gone into making this hand-drawn sequence is seriously impressive. Here’s kurobaru’s work:

And here’s the opening sequence from 2014’s Parasyte -the maxim-, for comparison:

We tried watching the two videos in sync (make sure to turn the sound off on one of them!). Get ready for a little frame-by-frame analysis!

There are clear differences in the style of the faces, which are more pointed in the modern animation, with darker shadows giving more contrast:

▼ Top: this year’s Parasyte -the maxim-
Bottom: early ’90s-style re-animation


▼ We can also see how the clothing was updated in the 2014 anime…


▼…compared to the original styling. And check out that hair!


▼ Don’t forget the noses! When viewed straight-on, we can see that the modern anime nose (top) is a tiny point, compared to the old-school triangle shape (bottom).


▼ In this sequence, he’s got a monster growing out of his hand!

4 B

▼ Oh wait that’s the same.

4 B

Source: Kai-you
Images: YouTube (1, 2), edited by RocketNews24
Featured image: YouTube (1, 2), edited by RocketNews24