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If you watched or played Pokémon as a kid, you probably wanted your very own set of Poké Balls. After all, no trainer can be the very best without catching a lot of Pokémon! But where can you get Poké Balls in the real world?

From The Wand Company, whose goal it is to bring the magic of our favorite fantasy and sci-fi stories to life using modern technology. They’ve created a life-size replica of a Poké Ball that looks, feels, and reacts just like the ones you’ve seen in the anime. It’s a premium, officially licensed collectible that every Pokémon fan will want in their collection.

The ball is made of die-cast metal and is painted with high-quality red, white, and black lacquer, which is what gives it that smooth, polished look. It’s been formulated with the help of The Pokémon Company International to get the exact dimensions, weight, shape, and feel, to make it as realistic as possible. Weighing in at 297 grams (10.5 ounces), it’s actually quite heavy, so holding one will make you feel like you’re a real trainer ready to throw your Pokémon into battle.

Remember how in the anime, the button would start glowing when someone would take a ball into their hands? This Poké Ball does that too. Proximity sensor technology makes the button light up as your hand approaches it, and it gets brighter when you touch it and pick it up. Pushing the button brings up an illumination sequence where you can pretend to catch a Pokémon, and pressing it twice changes the color of the light.

Each Poké Ball comes with a sleek presentation case, which has its own LED lighting and a mechanism that automatically lifts the ball from the depth of the box as it opens up, like a rising platform on a stage. It also comes with a polished metal display ring made of stainless steel, so you can display it with or without the box, wherever and however you want.

And what makes this the ultimate collector’s item is that each one comes with a unique serial code, which is displayed in a hologram. This code authenticates your purchase and ensures that no one else has the exact same ball!

While sadly they’re strictly collectibles and cannot be opened, thrown, or used to store animals (please don’t throw them at your pets), they are awesome items to put on display, a unique badge of your fandom. What’s even better is that this is just the start of a Poké Ball collection, as The Wand Company states on their website that they plan to release more balls over the course of 2021! This particular Poké Ball is available for preorder now for US$99.95 from select retailors, including Amazon (The Wand Company’s website has a list of places where you can preorder it), and will be available starting on Pokémon Day 2021, February  27, so don’t miss out on starting your collection!

Source: The Wand Company via Otacom
Images: The Wand Company
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