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Just as languages around the world are each unique yet beautiful, art has also developed its own flavor depending on where you are from. When comparing Western and Asian animation, there is a distinct style difference when it comes to the shape of faces, size of facial features, and the overall aesthetic. Both styles are very appealing, but when push comes to shove, all of us probably have a preference between the two.

Art is also a conversation though, and it can be transposed between two different worlds, such as Western art with an Asian flair or vice versa. One artist’s rendition of Final Fantasy characters drawn with a Western touch is making us super-excited because they look like they are ready for their Disney close-ups.

The talented artist behind these mash-ups is David Adhinarya Lojaya, a visual development artist from Indonesia. He’s studied animation at Limkokwing University of Creative Technology and has had his work featured in games, books and film. Lojaya’s artistic style shows characteristics of Western cartoon art and in his free time he likes to render the casts of popular Japanese video games like Kingdom Hearts, Street Fighter and Final Fantasy in his own way.

Final Fantasy IV – Rosa

Final Fantasy VI – Celes

▼ Locke

▼ Sabin and Edgar

Final Fantasy VII – Tifa

▼ Cloud

▼ Barrett

▼ Red XIII

▼ Aerith

Final Fantasy VIII – Squall

Final Fantasy IX – Zidane

▼ Freya

▼ Vivi

▼ Steiner

Final Fantasy X – Yuna

Final Fantasy XV –  Noctis

▼ The Cids (left to right) from Final Fantasy IV, Final Fantasy XIV, Final Fantasy XV, and Final Fantasy VII

No matter which Final Fantasy game is your favorite, it’s safe to say that all of these artistic renderings would not look out-of-place waltzing into a Disney movie. If you like David’s style, check out his Facebook and DeviantArt pages for even more of his work, which includes his fan art of a number of popular American TV shows and movies as well.

Source: Kotaku JP
Top Image: Facebook/David Adhinarya Lojaya (1, 2, 3), edited by RocketNews24