Get into the Christmas spirit with this festive video featuring flip-book style animation and a Japanese rock rendition of “Happy Christmas”, put together than none other than master animator Tekken.

The Japanese online fashion company ZOZOTOWN celebrated its 10-year anniversary on December 15 and revamped its top page in honor of the event. They’ve added Christmas things to their usual header imagine such as a sparkling Christmas tree and a snowman. But the main feature is a special anniversary video with a Christmas theme.

It features animation by artist Tekken in his ‘para para manga’, or flip-book style, and the song is John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s “Happy Xmas (War Is Over)” covered by Japanese punk band Hi-Standard. It starts out very sweetly…and then the guitars kick in and my ears started to bleed. But if you’re into punk rock then it may actually be more to your tastes than the original.

▼The video shows Santa and his reindeer peeking on people as they happily exchange gifts (presumably bought from ZOZOTOWN).




▼It’s all very sweet and adorable and doesn’t really seem to fit with the rock music.



▼…And then it gets a bit silly.


▼However, it does slip in one image to try and maintain the original anti-war message of the song.


▼And who doesn’t feel just a little bit warm and fuzzy inside at the sight of this happy family?


Whether you’re celebrating something this holiday season or not, we hope this sweet and silly little video lifted your spirits.

Source: NetLab, ZOZOTOWN
Feature image/screenshots: YouTube