Artistic talent, creativity and pop culture geekery seem to overlap way more than to call it all a coincidence. Super fandom in one or another or more pop culture franchises seems to inspire a lot of creative energy.

This would all seem to fly in the face of everyone’s disappointed parents who insist we stop wasting our lives and talents on video games and go out and get a job. No, no, go out and get a real job instead of just bloggertweeting about Japanese anime and cats and OKAY MOM I HEARD YOU THE FIRST HUNDRED TIMES!

Anyway, the point of this meandering lede is that some My Little Pony fans (possibly the much-talked about Bronies and possibly their female counterparts… My Little Pony fans?) have been doing a pretty swell job of turning their favorite anime characters into MLP characters and we thought we’d share some:

Just to get this out here, I know literally nothing about either anime or My Little Pony and don’t have the time or mental fortitude to delve into the maddening depths of that particular rebooted franchise, so please forgive me if I get anything wrong as per names, etc. here:

Zero from Code Gears


L from Death Note


An ode to Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire


Sailor Moon! Ha! Even I know this one!


Nnn’daw! It’s you, Pikachu!


That girl from Crimea!



And a bunch more!

pony6 pony5





▼ Oh! Miku! I know Hatsune Miku!


There’s plenty more cool fan art coming from all corners of the Internets, so by all means, don’t limit yourself to just anime-inspired MLP art! There’s a whole world of stuff out there to explore! Just, you know… Stay away from that erotic fan fiction.

Source: Hamster Sokuhou