Tales of animals exhibiting unusual behaviour are too often the result of being kept in unnatural conditions in captivity – like that poor “headbanging” bear that was doing the rounds last summer. So we’re pleased to bring you today an interesting video of an animal being a total badass hero and rescuing his friend from a dangerous situation.

After a monkey was electrocuted and fell onto train tracks at a railway station in Northern India, another monkey spent 20 minutes resuscitating him, to the delight of cheering onlookers.

Join us after the jump for video of the dramatic rescue.

The monkey tried all kinds of different steps to help his friend after finding him lying unconscious between the tracks, eventually succeeding in reviving him and getting him out of harm’s way. Let’s look at this hero in action!

▼ The monkey looks on as his knocked-out buddy lies between the tracks.


▼ The rescuer monkey bites at the other animal, appearing to be trying to revive him.


▼ He then pushes him roughly into the water.


▼ The scenes, watched by commuters at the station, lasted twenty minutes.


▼ The electrocuted monkey, having been revived, even got a little bit of grooming from his saviour buddy. Naww.


You can watch the action unfold in this video. Enjoy!

Source: Yahoo JP
Images: YouTube