Happy Friday, everyone! We trust you’ve all had a fun week and, if you happen to be one of the poor souls stuck in the snow in Kanto and Northeastern Japan this past seven days, that you’re gradually thawing yourselves out.

We have 10 more Asian news-based multiple-choice questions for you this week, touching on everything from nipple chafing to popular TV drama. So let’s not waste any time; let’s get right into it!

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Feeling news savvy? Then let’s begin!

  • Question 1.

Japanese travellers were recently given a list of things to consider when visiting the US. Which of the following didn’t appear on the list.

A: Air quotes are a real thing and frequently employed
B: American women have big, unflattering laughs
C: No one walks anywhere
D: There are such things as ‘dinner plates’

Answer: [ C ] Read more

  • Question 2. 

A recent study asked why so many women in Japan wear surgical masks in public. But which of the following reasons wasn’t given?

MR 9

A: To keep warm
B: To hide their face when not wearing makeup
C: To cover up bad teeth
D: To help lose weight

Answer: [  C  ] Read more

  • Question 3.

Which TV show are China’s top leaders reportedly completely obsessed with?

A: Game of Thrones – that Cersei Lannister’s a total minx
B: House of Cards – and they’re taking notes
C: Breaking Bad – and one day they’ll be the ones who knock
D: The Vampire Diaries – those bigwigs are serious goths

Answer: [  B  ] Read more

  • Question 4.

What did one Korean pro basketball coach do to one of his belligerent players during a game last week?

A: Make him march up and down the sideline in his underpants while sucking his thumb
B: Slap him across his stupid face live on television
C: Dress him a cheerleader for the remainder of the season
D: Put masking tape over the player’s mouth

Answer: [  D  ] Read more

  • Question 5.

What’s wrong with this picture?


A: It’s blurry as hell. Sort it out, RocketNews!
B: The lipstick the girl is holding is a flat piece of paper
C: That’s not a woman, that’s Mr. Sato
D: That colour’s all wrong for her

Answer: [A or B] Read more

  • Question 6. 

Officials in Tokyo’s Akihabara say the town needs ‘cleaning up’, but what in particular have they taken issue with?

A: Girls standing on the street inviting men to their stores or restaurants
B: Sex shops that make little effort to hide their wares from public view
C: The number of nerds congregating in public areas to play games and trade cards
D: The enormous amount of AKB48 merchandise and posters

Answer: [ A ] Read more

  • Question 7. 

What were thousands of motorists in Vietnam pictured waiting in line for late last week?


A: Free condoms
B: The country’s first official Apple Store
C: McDonald’s
D: A new safari park that permits motorcycle entry despite very frisky monkeys

Answer: [  C  ] Read more

  • Question 8. 

What very special day is celebrated on February 14 in the RocketNews24 offices?

A: Valentine’s Day!
B: Fundoshi Day!
C: Nipple Chafe Awareness Day!
D: Christmas Day! Where are my pills?

Answer: [ B ] Read more

  • Question 9. 

What brought one of JR East’s trains to a standstill earlier this month?


A: A piece of chocolate
B: A kid pooping on the floor
C: An escaped chicken
D: The sudden appearance of actor Bill Murray

Answer: [  A   ] Read more

  • Question 10.

Who would win in a fight between Mr. Sato and Godzilla?

A: Mr. Sato
B: Godzilla
C: Why would they fight? They’ve been drinking buddies for years!
D: Don’t be silly, we all know Mr. Sato isn’t real

Answer: [ A. And if you said anything else, you’d better watch out.]

Show me your report card

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1-3 correct: And they’re stopping by your place afterwards.
4-6 correct: Straight Cs again, eh? Keep being satisfactory, kiddo.
7-9 correct: Perhaps your mother was right, you’re not a disappointment!
10 correct: We love you the best. Don’t tell the others, but we know it’s true.

Enjoy your weekend, you crazy kids!

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