As a lifelong cat person, I’m often told by die-hard dog people that cats are the inferior species due to their apparent lack of devotion to their owners. Unlike cats, I’m told, dogs are loyal, devoted, and really care for their human companions. So this Twitter video showing how a so-called “loyal” member of the canine species reacts to their “collapsed” owner during a walk had me laughing my socks off!

The Twitter video, titled simply “Dog’s reaction when owner suddenly collapses during walk” is filmed from the perspective of the aforementioned dog owner who suddenly crumples to the ground with the camera still rolling. How will the brave and loyal pooch respond? Lick his owner’s face in an attempt to revive him? Attempt to pull him to the side of the road out of harm’s way? Run to the nearest farm house to get help?

Not quite…

As you can see from the impressive number of retweets and comments on the tweet, many other people found the video as funny as I did. For those who are concerned about the dog walker’s health, we can assure you there’s no need for concern—according to the tweeter, their sudden fall was ‘deliberate’ and all done to observe their dog’s behaviour.

The pup’s owner doesn’t seem to hold a grudge, however. Most likely because their indifferent doggy pal managed to get them 500 new Twitter followers overnight and a bevy of responses.

▼ A few additional pics of the adorable rescue dog

Dog owners, do you think your pup would react differently if you were ever in trouble?

Source and images: Twitter/@amiyaki673