When American actor-director Misha Collins, who you might know from roles in Supernatural and 24 or appearances in CSI and ER, visited Japan recently, his tweets sparked excitement online. Mr Collins tweeted several snaps of his time in Japan, including his encounter with a very eccentric Santa Claus!

Japanese netizens were, on the whole, totally bemused by the “Santa” shown in the tweet on Mr Collins’s official Twitter account, with many feeling embarrassed due to the elderly man’s wacky get-up.

▲ “Santa Claus seems a little different in Japan!”

Here’s what the Japanese internet had to say about Mr Collins’s tweet:

“I’m Japanese but that doesn’t look like any Japanese Santa I know!”

“That’s not Santa, that’s just some old fart!”

“He seems a little different to us Japanese people too!”

“Can’t quite understand why this old Santa dude’s worth taking a picture with!”

“Japan being misunderstood yet again…”

“Please stop, I’m ashamed for Japan!”

Mr Collins, who was in town for Hollycon (Hollywood Collector’s Convention), also retweeted a picture snapped by one of the fans who greeted him at the airport upon his arrival:

He also shared this cute snap of himself with a waitress, including a link to a YouTube video!

The video features Mr Collins and his son, West, enjoying an adorable rendition of Jingle Bells by a class of cute-as-buttons elementary-school students!

With some light digging on Mr Collins’s official YouTube account, we also unearthed a video where he speaks a little Japanese as he announces his plans to visit Japan for Hollycon (although the video’s title in Japanese reads “I’m coming to Japan for a vacation”). Also featured in the video is his adorable daughter, Maison!

We love it when Western celebrities come to Japan, even more so when they’ve taken the time to do their homework and learn some Japanese first! Good on you, sir!

Source: Hamusoku
Image: Twitter @mishacollins