How is your mental state? How likely do you think you are to commit a crime? If it were the year 2112 in the dystopian Japan of the popular anime Psycho-Pass, it would be no secret; your mental state and “Crime Coefficient” would be read, monitored and recorded by the Sibyl System. What’s more, if you were to go a little crazy, then you would be “taken care of” by the Public Safety Bureau.

With the new Psycho-Pass movie coming out on January 9, Fuji TV and their anime program Noitamina have come out with an ingenious advertising event. Why wait until 2112 to get your Psycho-Pass index when you can just go to Shinjuku Station next week! But watch out, if your mental state reading is muddy or your crime-coefficient is too high, you might get eliminated.

The week-long campaign, lasting from January 5-11 (6AM-11PM), is set up in the Metro Promenade of the Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line at Shinjuku Station. The display consists of sixteen 60-inch screens with motion sensors and high-definition cameras. When you walk up to the screen, the system, operating on Microsoft Kinetic V2, will display your Psycho-Pass profile with your current face as the ID picture.

▼ That could be you in the photo!


The system will also “determine” your mental-state color and crime-coefficient. If the reading is muddied or too high (over 100), one of the Inspector or Enforcer characters from the anime will come out (on the screen) with their Dominator. The Dominator is a specialized gun that works with the Sibyl System to determine if the suspect is a latent criminal or not, and if so, will allow the user to shoot them with one of three settings―the strength of the electro-magnetic blast is determined by how dangerous the suspect is thought to be.

▼ If you find yourself with a high-level, you better run before your get a Non-Lethal Paralyzer, Lethal Eliminator or Destroy Decomposer blast coming your way!


Unfortunately, the event only lasts a few days, but if you get the chance, head down to Shinjuku and get your Psycho-Pass checked out. Better yet, go down there twice, once when you’re really calm and once when you’re really angry and see if there is a difference in your reading! If you do make it there, leave us a comment and tell us how cool it is in real life.

▼ The much anticipated movie is set to come out on January 9.

Source: NetLab
Images: Psycho-Pass, Wikia (Psycho-Pass 1, 2)

▼ Here’s a map to the event area, now you Tokyoites have no excuse not to go!