EasyCard gets an anime magical girl power item makeover.

IC cards, or contactless smart cards, make commuting on public transportation a snap. Rather than have to check the fare and buy a ticket for each and every ride, you just tap the card on the sensor panel as you enter and exit the station and it automatically deducts the necessary amount from your prepaid balance.

But what if you had an IC “card” that wasn’t shaped like a card, and was instead shaped like one of the most iconic anime artifacts of all time?

The answer to that question comes from EasyCard, the IC card used by the Taipei Metro system and other public transportation networks in the Taiwanese capital. This detailed replica of Sailor Moon’s Moon Stick, wielded by the lunar heroine in the first arc of the anime and manga, is also a fully functioning EasyCard, meaning you can use it to pay not only for fares but also for shopping at minimart, department stores, and other retailers that accept EasyCard payments.

▼ That tea and pastry might have been paid for using the Moon Stick.

At 18 centimeters (7.1 inches) long the EasyCard Moon Stick is more or less a 1:1-scale, and while you might contain all the magical energies necessary to unleash the Moon Healing Escalation attack, its jewels do light up when the embedded EasyCard is being read.

▼ It also comes in a nice box so that fans can display it even when they’re not riding the Taipei subway system.

The EasyCard Moon Stick is priced at 1,799 Taiwan dollars (US$65.20) and preorders can be placed through the Momo online shop here between January 18 and 24.

Source: Taipei Navi via Hamster Sokuho, Momo
Images: Momo
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