Battery drained from playing too much Pokémon GO on the train? Don’t worry, there’s a Slime for that.

Dragon Quest knows that traveling to and from work is a journey. Along the way, you might need a few provisions to make sure you make it all the way to the end. That’s exactly why they have set up some Hoimi Slimes in the Shinjuku Metro promenade to assist the weary traveler.

▼ That’s idol singer and actress Kanna Hashimoto with the slime on her head.

Hoimi Slime, or Healslime in the English version, is a jellyfish-like slime with tentacles protruding from the bottom. In Shinjuku Station, the slimes are providing commuters with a bit of a charge as the ends of the tentacles are outfitted with different plugins for the various smartphones out on the market. Anyone can walk right up and recharge their phone — they don’t even have to be Dragon Quest fans to “pray” at the Temple of Healslime!

While these slimes will only be available until August 28, we hope that this becomes more common at busy stations in Japan. It’s better that there is a place people can go if their phone is running out of power instead of people trying to sneakily commandeer an outlet. Whether you are a Dragon Quest fan or not, we can probably all agree we can use more Healslimes in our life!

Source: Togech
Featured image: Twitter/@DQ_PR