It turns out that the hens of the world have been playing a dirty trick on much of the human population, but now, thanks to one sign at a Japanese grocery store and one surprised Twitter user, the chickens’ secret is out in the open: Apparently, no matter what size an egg is, the size of the yolk never changes. We feel a bit ripped off.

▼ It may be common knowledge for the cooks and foodies out there, but when @qtbrowneyes saw this sign at a grocery store, she was shocked and wanted to share her new knowledge with the world.

The grocery store sign reads:

“Did you know? The yolks of large eggs and small eggs are actually about the same size. The only difference between sizes is the amount of white in the egg. Choose the size appropriate for the dish you’re making. (For dishes needing egg yolk, choose small eggs. For dishes using egg white, choose large eggs.)”

Since this picture was retweeted thousands of times, we’re guessing that most people were just as surprised, but then again, some commenters apparently learned about this difference in elementary school. The rest of us must have been focusing on more interesting things, like eating paste and pushing pencils up our noses.

Word around the chicken coop is that depending on age and breed, hens pop out different-sized eggs− but the yolk is always about the same size. We’re not sure if we should feel cheated or just dumb. Perhaps any of our chicken-keeping readers can confirm or deny this shocking news?

Source: Hamusoku, Backyard Chickens
Image: Twitter (@qtbrowneyes)