Our resident eggman’s dream comes true, kookookachoo.

Last year we covered the release of a convenient little container that specializes in making eggs marinated in soy sauce effortlessly. The Seasoned Egg Maker, was so handy it went viral on social media and sold out in some locations due to popular demand.

Our reporter Go Hatori managed to get one and fell in love with its ease of use and tasty results. However, his one qualm with it was that it accommodates four eggs. That’s great for families and Cool Hand Luke, but a little too much for Go to handle on his own every time.

Luckily, now at Daiso, there’s a two-egg version of virtually the same product, allowing Go to pace his egg and soy sauce intake better.

As you can see in the picture, it’s pretty much exactly the same thing, only half the size. So, the way to use it is also exactly the same, starting with boiling some eggs to your preferred consistency.

While your eggs are boiling you can add 50 milliliters (1.7 ounces) of soy sauce to the container. For those wondering why you couldn’t just make two eggs in the larger Seasoned Egg Maker, the soy sauce can move freely throughout the entire container, so when the eggs were submerged it would simply push all the sauce into the empty space.

In fact, you would need to add even more than the standard 100 milliliters (3.4 ounces) for the four-egg maker, to compensate for the fairly large space of the missing eggs. With the two-egg maker, however, 50 milliliters will do and help save on your soy sauce budget.

Once the eggs are submerged, just put on the egg stabilizer.

And finally put on the cover.

Place your Seasoned Egg Maker into the fridge for about an hour and let nature take its course.

After one hour, Go excitedly went to the fridge to see the finished product.

As expected, two beautiful brown eggs emerged from their shells.

And their insides were boiled to perfection. Thanks in no small part to his precision chicken egg consistency gauge, also bought from Daiso.

Go eagerly went in for a taste and found that they were every bit as good as those from his four-egg Seasoned Egg Maker.

It was almost as if the makers of the Seasoned Egg Maker had read Go’s mind and fixed the only problem he had with the product. He can now say these things are perfect, and available in sizes to suit single eaters or restaurants who put a ridiculous amount of eggs in their ramen.

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