“One of these things is not like the others.”

Odd animal pairings, like this snake and hamster, are the stuff legends are made of — well, Internet legends, at least. But we have a new odd couple to add to the list of improbably friendships — chickens helping raise a kindle of kittens!

Okinawa-based Twitter user @ritou39 recently tweet the message and photo below, capturing the attention of Twitter and fans of cuteness across the Internet. Apparently the three kittens were birthed and left in an egg box in his chicken house several days ago. He wrote that, while the chickens would normally go after any intruders, for some reason they seem to be helping keep the kittens warm along with their eggs. Of course, chickens could hardly raise a litter of kittens on their own — but the mother cat seems to be sneaking in at night to give them milk.

▼ Here’s another photo of the kittens taken even earlier.

And @ritou39 has been keeping people updated on the growth of the kittens. He provides another photo of the adorable kittens and one of the chicken house, adding that there are about 400 hens milling about, so the babies have 400 guardians watching over them!



By now, you’re probably wondering why the chickens are letting the cats in their house without a fuss — and why the people who run the place aren’t worried about the cats taking advantage of the situation. The Twitter user provided some helpful background on that matter!

Apparently quite a few cats live in the hills behind the farm, and the workers give the felines food every day. That seems to be why the cats haven’t attacked the chickens even once, so apparently they’re not much worried about the cats trying to eat the chickens or their eggs.

▼ He provided some photos of the cats eating too!





Finally, here’s a video of the chicken house and the kittens.

▼ You’ll definitely want to turn the volume down on this one…

We’re certainly glad there’s peace between the chickens and the cats. It probably helps that the kittens aren’t total jerks like some cats we know…

Sources: Hamusoku, Twitter/@ritou39
Feature image: Twitter/@ritou39