A super-easy trick lets you make Nintendo magic happen in your kitchen.

When you boil it down, cosplay is all about using real-world materials to recreate cool stuff from a fictional universe. So if you’re a cosplayer who’s also a patissier, like Japanese Twitter user @sucurepan, it’s probably not too long until you go beyond doing that with just clothing and start doing it with food too.

So when @sucurepan recently made lunch, it wasn’t just a way to satisfy a craving for an egg sandwich, but also an opportunity to recreate some charming classic art from Nintendo’s Super Mario video game franchise.

This salute is to Mario’s trusty dino mount Yoshi, and specifically the adorable Yoshi eggs that he lays. Obviously, unless you happen to live in the Mushroom Kingdom you can’t just go pick these up at your neighborhood grocery store, but it turns out they’re actually quick and easy to make, as long as you’ve got a circular icing/piping tip.

Start by using the tip to remove a shallow circle from the surface of a boiled egg. Next, use the same tip to cut out round pieces of ham or brightly colored vegetables, like the carrot and pepper @sucurepan used. Apply them to the eggs, and presto, now you’ve got Yoshi eggs!

▼ Don’t have an icing tip handy? @sucurepan says a straw will do in a pinch.

If you’re wondering about the compact size of the eggs, @sucurepan used uzura, or quail eggs, which are commonly available in Japanese supermarkets. If you don’t have access to them where you shop, though, the technique should work just as well with full-sized chicken eggs, as long as you have a similarly larger-diameter icing tip.

As for the rest of what’s on the plate, Yoshi himself is some cleverly sculpted avocado on top of potato salad. The super mushrooms are once again eggs, wearing cherry tomato slices as hats, but @sucurepan says red radish will work too.

▼ A sample of @sucurepan’s cosplay

With Universal Studios currently closed to visitors, there are no doubt a lot of Mario fans who’re bummed about having to wait for their chance to visit the Super Nintendo World expansion and eat at Toad’s Cafe. But with @sucurepan showing us how to make our own Super Mario-themed food, that wait is now a little easier.

Source, images: Twitter/@sucurepan
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