No Hollywood special effects, no magician’s helper, heck, not even any mystical kung-fu powers here. All it took for this Shaolin monk in China to walk on water was practice, practice and more practice! That said, running across hundreds of metres of wooden panels placed on the surface of a lake is definitely not a feat that any layman could achieve without proper training, a high level of fitness and immense concentration.

The record-breaking challenge took place in Changsha City, Hunan, at the local Meixi Lake. The challenger, She Li Liang, already held the world record for walking 118 metres (approx. 387 ft) across another lake in 2014. However, within less than a year, he was ready to break his own record!

In order for him to sprint across the large body of water, wooden panels chained together were lined across the lake. Master She had to keep his balance while dashing over them as though they were flat ground. On his first try, he lost his balance at the 56-metre mark. However, after donning his white training robes, he eventually succeeded in traversing 120 metres over the lake’s surface.

According to the monk, the hardest part of walking on water comes after the first 100 metres – the distance we’re used to seeing Olympic athletes sprint at breakneck speeds – and things become exponentially more difficult with each step. The act, he says, is physically draining, so it’s not just about balance but physical strength too. Despite that, She’s next goal is to go a full 150 metres.

Here’s a video of Master She in 2014 when he achieved a run of 118 metres. Do you think you could pull this off?

Source: Livedoor News via ToyChan.net
Images via ToyChan.net