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China has smashed its own Guinness World Record for the largest number of robots dancing at one time.

China currently holds the record for the biggest population on Earth at 1.37 billion people. It also holds the record for the most robots dancing at one time.

An incredible 1,007 robots successfully completed a 60-second dance routine in synchronization at the Qingdao Beer Festival in Shandong, China and smashed the existing record of 540 held by UBTECH Robotics Corp., also a Chinese company.

The QRC-2 robots, developed by Ever Win Company & Ltd., are mostly white with splashes of red on the tops of their heads, ears, elbows, and hips, and each android stands at 17.2 inches (43.8 centimeters) tall. The robots are adept at dancing as they have joints allowing their limbs to move in both directions.

The challenge however wasn’t all smooth sailing for these little guys as a few were disqualified for falling over while grooving – which doesn’t really come as a surprise given they are all controlled by one solitary mobile phone!

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This many robots in one place does seem a little bit freaky but it also shows us the potential of technology and human innovation!

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One thing is clear: If dancing robots were an Olympic sport, China would be raking in even more gold medals!

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Images: YouTube/GuinnessWorldRecords 
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