Let’s face it, something needs to be done about track and field. Although it could be considered human athleticism in its purest form, surely the art of running in a straight line is nearing our maximum potential as a species.

It’s time to take events such as sprinting to the next level. Luckily a small group of sumo wrestlers may have stumbled upon a way to bring another dimension to the sport, and another chin or two as well.

This truly unique race was held during some downtime while the sumo wrestlers were touring Wakayama. Luckily someone had the presence of mind to record this amazing footrace for posterity. It may well have been fellow sumo Masakatsu Ishiura who later tweeted it.

▼ “Touring Wakayama today! There was a fierce battle outside of the ring. From the front Kento Amakaze, Tatsuaki Kaiho, and Kanata Takatenshu.”

[tweet https://twitter.com/ghetto_stone/status/655942246580097024 align=center]

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Judging by the video timer it took the sumo about 10 seconds to clear what must have been 60 meters, give or take. Kaiho’s short stature of 169 centimeters (5′ 6″) seemed to give him an advantage against his taller, more wind resistant opponents.

Actually it was a really close call. Amakaze’s 200 kilograms (441 pounds) of momentum came on strong at the end, and I’m only assuming Kaiho won because he did a cute little victory dance afterward.

It’s hard to watch this race and not be mesmerized by these men’s physiques while running…or kind of power walking. And that is why sumo sprinting should be a demonstration sport at the Tokyo Olympics..

To excel at this sport one would need to be in peak physical shape while also carrying a significant amount of adipose tissue to stay competitive. That would certainly be more of a challenge than just getting in boring-old amazing shape and would take human excellence to a whole new level!

Source: Twitter/@ghetto_stone, Sumo database – Tatsuaki Kaiho, Kanata Takatenshu, Ogurumabeya – Kento Amakaze (Japanese)
Original article by Yuichiro Wasai