If you’re one of those people who is plagued by bad luck, then you’ll know that disaster can strike anytime, anywhere. One man from Changsha in China’s Hunan Province learned this the hard way recently when an arrow flew out of nowhere and lodged itself in his knee while he was minding his own business hanging out laundry.

Warning: this report contains an image which some readers may find squirm-inducing!

51-year-old Mr. Wang was struck by the arrow while hanging clothes out to dry outside his home. His shocked family immediately took him to hospital where he was treated, but Wang was still clearly in a state of shock when interviewed by local news who were eager to learn more about the bizarre incident.

The offending arrow, which was about 70~80 cm (27-31 inches) long, went 12 cm (4.3 inches) deep into Wang’s right knee. Ouch.


Where did the arrow come from? It turns out that one of Wang’s neighbors is an archery lover and frequently practices his hobby in the communal garden. We don’t know why anyone would think it a good idea to unleash arrows in a residential complex, but we’re guessing Liang, the guilty archer, will be taking his bow and arrows elsewhere for the time being. Still, it could have been worse, we suppose…

We wish Mr. Wang a speedy recovery, and hope that he is able to invest in a dryer so he won’t have to risk going outdoors to air his laundry ever again.

Source/Images: Nandu Net, h/t Shanghaiist