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Shinjuku arcade breaks Guinness World Record for having the most crane games

If you want it, this arcade’s probably got it.

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World record set for most crane games in one arcade with new game center in Tokyo

Guinness World Records representative awards honor at grand opening of new Taito Station.

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The Pokémon Company, U.K. artist create world’s largest Pokémon trading card mosaic

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Is this the oldest cat in the world? Japanese kitty Ai-chan turns 27 【Pics】

Many of the world’s oldest living people are Japanese. Whether it’s down to a healthy diet, good healthcare, or simply the support of friends and family, we can’t say for sure, but all those things certainly help. And now it turns out that even Japan’s kitties are living long lives—Japan’s oldest cat, Ai-chan, has recently celebrated her 27th birthday, and she did it in style!

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Images float in from around Japan of record-breaking balloon flight【Photos】

Although many of us are looking forward to the future of transportation and being able to zip across the globe in just a few hours as opposed to the best part of a day, last week a handful of people turned their attention to a more romantic form of air travel as a record-setting trip across the Pacific Ocean launched from Japan’s Saga City.

The trip, which aimed to break the world record for both distance and duration of flight in a balloon was witnessed by thousands of people, not least the people of Japan where the balloon took off from, who were only too happy to commemorate and share of this piece of aviation history in the form of tweets and photos.

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Shaolin monk “walks on water,” smashes world record

No Hollywood special effects, no magician’s helper, heck, not even any mystical kung-fu powers here. All it took for this Shaolin monk in China to walk on water was practice, practice and more practice! That said, running across hundreds of metres of wooden panels placed on the surface of a lake is definitely not a feat that any layman could achieve without proper training, a high level of fitness and immense concentration.

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New world record set for highest score in arcade classic Donkey Kong

Ever since the 2007 documentary film The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters, the world record score for 1980s arcade hit Donkey Kong has been kind of a big deal. For years, the existing record seemed nigh-on unbeatable, with players pouring their hearts, souls, and stacks of quarters into ageing arcade machines in the name of claiming the title for themselves.

But now there’s a new score to beat, and it comes from a relative newcomer, no less.

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Behold: The world’s fastest Super Mario Bros. speed run

Truth be told, I’ve never been a huge fan of video game speed runs. All too often, recordings show players exploiting a game’s code to the point that it hardly seems like they’re playing the game any more, taking all the fun (and some would argue genuine skill) out of it.

But this new record performed by a gamer known only as ‘Blubber’ is nothing short of spectacular and deserves the attention of anyone who ever picked up an NES controller during their childhood.

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Are you faster than a 90-year-old? Japan’s Turbo Granny still smashing records

What’s your 100m sprint time? If it’s over 23.8 seconds, then you’re slower than a 90-year-old! Last month Japan’s Turbo Granny smashed the Japanese record for her age category and now has her sights set on the world record.

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Japan sets new world record for largest mailbox, now ready for your puny mail

A lot of world records are inherently silly. Sure, you could set a record for the most mascot characters dancing in sync, but why would you? Because you are Japan, that’s why! And now Nippon has grabbed another who-even-thinks-of-that world record: largest mailbox.

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World’s oldest man, Jiroemon Kimura, passes away at 116

On 12 July at 2:08 am, in a hospital in Kyotango, Kyoto, Jiroemon Kimura passed away due to natural causes. Since his birth on 19 April, 1897, Mr. Kimura had gone on to live the longest life of any male in the world: 116 years and 54 days. During his life he bore witness to the evolution of modern Japanese society, falling under the reign of four emperors and all but one of Japan’s Prime Ministers.

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China to Complete World’s First All-Glass Suspension Bridge in 2013

You may not know Zhangjiajie City, Hunan Provence by name but you’ve likely seen their beautiful pillar mountains of Wulingyuan on one of the countless movies and TV shows they appeared in.  Those sheer, bare-faced red stone cliffs topped with lush vegetation look like something from a fantasy story.

Coming next year, China has plans to accentuate this beauty with a record setting feat of engineering, the world’s first suspension bridge made entirely of glass.

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Get Ready for the Olympics by Revisiting Current World Records

One of the best parts of the Olympics is when a world record is broken, but with the 4 year gap between Olympic summer games it’s easy to forget what has happened before.  So RocketNews24 would like to offer you a quick recap of the greatest achievements from the best of the best athletes from around the world in Olympic events and beyond.

To make these statistics more accessible we compared some of them to various zoo animals and everyday objects.

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