The “wearable special effects” skirt project, “Hikaru Skirt,” made its big debut in the idol group Mōsō Collaboration’s newest music video, “Mahou no Juice” (lit. Magic Juice) on Sunday. The project’s website claims the skirt turns the “zettai ryōiki” (i.e. the “absolute territory” between where a girl’s skirt ends and her stockings begin) into “komorebi ryōiki,”or “territory where sunshine filters through the trees.” The members utilize the skirts’ different color options for each of their outfits.

The group is made up of Mahiru Kurumizawa (light pink), Usa Sakurano (white), Nae Futaba (red), Nia Hoshino (yellow), Iori Amamiya (navy), and Yumeko Mizuki (green).

Mōsō Collaboration perform on the Dear Stage in Akihabara which also hosts the Dempagumi, Inc. idol group. Mōsō Collaboration will perform live in the Hikaru Skirts on May 15 during their Mōsō Fantasia event.

[Via Kai-You]

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