AKB48 general manager Shinobu Kayano wrote on her official blog early Tuesday that the idol group’s members Anna Iriyama (18) and Rina Kawaei (19) were released from the hospital. Kayano confirmed that the injured male part-time staff member is also at home recuperating from his injuries and that she is grateful for his bravery while protecting Iriyama and Kawaei from their attacker.

According to Kayano, Iriyama and Kawaei will strive to return to their activities with AKB48. However, security measures will be increased in the future.

Both idols underwent surgery on Sunday. Kawaei suffered a laceration and bone fracture in her right thumb, while Iriyama suffered a fracture in her right pinky finger and a laceration to the head. The male staff member suffered cuts to his left hand.

The suspect, identified as 24-year-old Satoru Umeta, wielded a saw and attacked both performers at a handshake event in Takizawa, Iwate Prefecture on Sunday. He allegedly admitted to the charge of attempted murder on Iriyama and Kawaei after he was arrested.

Source: Sports Nippon Annex via My Game News Flash
Feature image AKB48 Official Blog

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