With the recent and unfortunate passing of the wonderful Leonard Nimoy and Harve Bennett (rest in peace you two), I’m sure Star Trek fans out there could use a lift right about now. So, we’d like to introduce to you this awesome sushi set designed after the U.S.S Enterprise, complete with warp-trail chopsticks!

Since the secret to living long and prospering just might involve sushi, what better way to get your daily dose of the good stuff with this Star Trek-inspired sushi set?

The set includes a wooden sushi platter, on top of which sits a stainless-steel soy sauce dish shaped like the U.S.S. Enterprise. To add to its awesomeness, it even includes chopsticks that fit right in to become warp trails when not in use!


Take your dining experience to a new, tastier frontier – the set is available for US$34.99 over at Think Geek, home of such nerdy must-haves as the light-up Mega Man helmet and chocolate NES controller molds. Keep up the fine work, guys!

Source and Images: Think Geek via Japaaan Magazine