See what lies underneath with this sheer cosplay costume born from a busty manga sketch.

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Tokyo’s amazing Takarazuka-style photo studio can transform you into a famous anime star

Makeover turns our reporter into Lady Oscar, heroine of The Rose of Versailles and the all-female Takarazuka theater troupe.

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Wazigen Shizukaya’s latest collection of modern men’s kimono make a move for high fashion

These stylish kimono robe overcoats have some seriously avant-garde styles!

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If you were naked in a Daiso 100 yen store, could you put together an entire outfit? We find out

What if the Terminator appeared in Daiso?

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Japanese woman’s hair turns into literal train wreck thanks to Thomas the Tank Engine’s friend

Drastic solution required to remove cheeky locomotive.
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Casual Jedi cosplay! Japanese fashion brand unveils Star Wars items just in time for new film

Tap into the Force of fashion with these intergalactic accessories.

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Japanese clothes retailer GU announces stylish, nostalgic PlayStation line, available now

Fashionable pieces feature the console’s logo, iconic controller button designs, and prints from flagship Sony games.

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Testing out the cheapest wedding dress in Japan: this US$49 beauty【Photos】

A wedding gown for less than 50 bucks? This sounds like a job for SoraNews24’s fashion expert.

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Mario Kart apparel line pulls into Uniqlo just in time for Christmas【Photos】

Tie-up with Nintendo’s racing hit has T-shirt and power-up hoodies.

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Get a “playful” look with the new Kirby clothing collaboration

A Nintendo character well-known for his ability to inhale things, but his new clothes collaboration certainly doesn’t suck!
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Sonic the Hedgehog sends us the present of Japan’s ugliest Christmas sweaters. Umm…thanks【Pics】

Gotta change clothes fast!

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The Japanese ‘80s are back at this Tokyo photo studio that turns you into a Bubble Era-idol【Pics】

Fire up your city pop playlist for a visit to Asakusa’s legendary Marubell, where the ’80s never totally went away.

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Not everyone hates school uniforms: Japanese Twitter shows us why

Some people may want to abolish school uniforms, but others are strongly in favor of them.

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Mr. Sato rocks a 40-year-old vintage Japanese outfit with a heart-melting backstory【Photos】

There’s a feel-good reason for our crack reporter looking this good.

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These comfy pajama suits are for the gamers! Wrap up warm as you rack up points

The Damegi 4G series comes with a bunch of cushy features to keep your extremities toasty warm.

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Uniqlo’s new Dragon Ball T-shirts and hoodies modeled for the first time【Photos】

A massive batch of photos shows off the Japanese brand’s latest foray into anime apparel.

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