April Fools’ Day has really taken off in Japan over the past few years, with major companies getting in on the action too. One of our Japanese writers, the one and only Mr. Sato, sifted through the Internet to find products worthy of his time. That is how he came across the “Princess Urine” drink. You better believe that he bought it, examined it and took some hearty gulps, all for our entertainment, of course.

Usually, a normal person wouldn’t jump up at the chance to drink pee, regardless of if it’s from a princess or not. However, Mr. Sato, as we know, is not your average guy (and then there are the people in China that eat those virgin boy, urine eggs…). Mr. Sato wanted to see how this royal urine tasted, so he headed to the nearest kiosk that was selling it and got himself a can.

▼ It even comes in fancy packaging!


At first, the drawing of the girl on the can looks the same as the one used on many of the other health and beauty enhancing foods and drinks from manufacturor Rivaland. However, upon closer examination, Mr. Sato noticed something odd…

▼ …this one is crying.


Slightly alarmed, but not deterred, Mr. Sato continued reading. He found out that this “urine” has 117 different all-natural, beauty enhancing ingredients made from fermented plants and concluded, “I still don’t really know what’s in it, but somehow, it’s supposed to be good for you.”

▼ It contains a lot of healthful nutrients.


So it’s not actually urine, but he cracked open the can anyway, transferring the contents into a clear glass.

▼ If a real princess had actually produced all this urine by herself, she would have been one dehydrated lady.


The drink turned out to be lightly carbonated, having a little bit of foam. The scent was flowery and almost bitter-sweet like crème de cassis (the black currant liqueur that’s widely popular in Japan).

Hmm…this is sounding more and more like actual princess pee every sentence…

Finally, the big taste-test: “When I took my first sip, I knew right away that it was an energy drink.” Oh, that’s why in the sub-text it reads in English, “Beauty energy drink of the fermentation.” 

▼ It also says that it’s an energy drink in the big red rectangle on the can, so it shouldn’t really have been a surprise.


According to Mr. Sato, the drink was like a very light version of Red Bull.  Seeing that many people find Red Bull revolting, that sounds kind of nice, and the flowery fragrance of the “Princess Urine,” may be more tolerable.

Mr. Sato found the “Princess Urine,” at a kiosk at Shinjuku Station in Tokyo, but we’re curious if it made any other appearances on April 1. The drink even has its own website and a commercial, which consists of two and half minutes of different angles of the can.

▼ Pay attention to the water droplets, it’s really dramatic.

Here’s to another amusing April Fools’ Day promotion, to go along with the Burger King perfumeGoogle Pac-Man game and countless others.

Source: Rivaland
Images: RocketNews24

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