It would be every adulterous man’s worst nightmare to wake up to find out that both of his girlfriends not only crossed paths, but realized his infidelity at the exact same time. But that’s nothing compared to what one Chinese man – whom we’ve dubbed “The Master of Cheating” – probably went through after all 17 of his girlfriends got wind of his antics simultaneously.

On the fateful night of March 24 in Changsha, Hunan Province, Yuan, a.k.a. The Master of Cheating, was in a car accident that landed him in hospital. Although his injuries weren’t life-threatening, doctors called Yuan’s relatives, who then rushed to see him.

In attendance were Yuan’s girlfr–, no wait, two girlf…three…oh, his 17 girlfriends and one child. Apparently, Yuan is a better wooer and multi-tasker than he is a driver, because none of the 17 ladies had previously known about the others.

It’s kind of sad story for these girls, though. They were all really upset about his accident and then they arrived at the hospital to find out that their boyfriend was in fact the cheater of the century. As one (now ex-) girlfriend put it, “I was really worried when I heard that he was in the hospital. But when I started seeing more and more beautiful girls show up, I couldn’t cry any more.”

▼ Imagine waking up to this after a car accident. Yeah, they’re mad.


Some of the girls apparently thought Yuan was “the one;” another was planning their wedding; and one even had a child by him! Each of the girls’ stories is a little different, but with one common link: most of them were providing him with some cold, hard cash every month, sometimes even large sums of money. One poor lady had been supporting him financially for nine years!

▼ It’s no wonder he needs the money though, who could have a real job when you have to juggle a social schedule like that?!


Apparently Chinese netizens were either aghast or impressed with Yuan. While we don’t condone adultery by any stretch of the imagination, we have to admit that being able to manage 17 girlfriends at once is an impressive feat; a lot of guys can’t even handle one at a time!

One commenter on the South China Morning Post website, which originally ran the story in English, made an interesting comment that may actually make much more sense than anything else in this wacky situation. He brings up the peculiar fact that when the hospital “called the relatives,” all 17 of the girlfriends showed up. Something tells us that Yuan did not list all 17 women as his emergency contacts, and even if he had, there’s no way the hospital would call 17 people, and unless they’re married to him, which none are, they couldn’t really be considered relatives, except maybe the baby mama.

So, what the heck is going on here? In said commenter’s opinion,

“[It’s] another ‘created news’ story from the state media….Again, when there is no real news to report because, State media typically makes up stories, or plasters the front page with nonsensical rubbish. The sad thing here is the SCMP has gotten into the habit of reporting state media nonsense as news.”

Well, that just takes all of the fun out of it.

If it is just made-up baloney, someone should be getting an award for coming up with such a crazy situation. Maybe the writer behind the story has been spending too much time watching dramas or maybe he’s an aspiring screenwriter! If not, someone should probably higher him, pronto.

If you think about it and consider psychological well-being, is it really feasible for one man to handle 17 women and a baby? Yeah, we don’t think so either, but, hey, you never know.

Source: South China Morning Post
Images: Changsha TV via South China Morning Post, Wikimedia Commons (Elyyo), Flickr (rosaluxemburg)