The man is being charged with property damage after the contents leaked into one girl’s bag.

A 58-year-old cleaning company employee was arrested by Tokyo Metropolitan Police yesterday after a condom containing his semen was discovered in the bag of a female high school student. The offender, from Ibaraki Prefecture, is being held in custody for destruction of property after the fluid leaked in the girl’s bag, soiling its contents. The incident, which occurred on the morning of 17 May inside Tokyo Metro’s Kokkaigijidomae subway station, went unnoticed until the student found the item inside her bag after arriving at school. The schoolgirl told her father, who then reported it to police.


According to authorities at Kojimachi Police Station who made the arrest, the 17 May incident was not an isolated case, with successive complaints from similar schoolgirl victims having been received. Following a DNA analysis of the fluid, it was confirmed that the condoms belonged to the same offender, who said he started placing condoms in girls’ bags two to three years ago due to work stress.

Source: Hachima Kikou
Top Image: Wikimedia Commons/elmimmo
Insert Image: Wikimedia Commons/moon angel