Chinese actress, pop singer and director Zhao Wei has had a long and successful career in the entertainment industry. Currently starring in the drama series Tiger Mom, she’s only just returned to acting in television dramas after a five-year absence.

But now, she has to deal with being sued by one viewer who claims her performance in the drama has caused him “spiritual damage“. How? Apparently she’s been staring at him too much!

The man, who is not named in the handful of reports that have surfaced online, submitted a lawsuit against Zhao Wei, claiming that as a direct result of her staring at him too intensely through the TV screen, she has caused him “spiritual damage”, for which he is now seeking reparations.

▼ Does anyone else think she looks a lot like British singer Lily Allen?

Wikimedia Commons – Chinese Aladdin

The case has yet to be officially accepted by the Shanghai Pudong district court, and there are doubts as to whether or not the case will be outright dismissed as one of a series of increasingly frivolous lawsuits. Recently, regulations have been implemented which make it harder for courts to reject cases without “clearly defined” reasons, which has led to a 29 percent increase in submitted cases.

We’re sure Zhao Wei has better things to be doing than focus on increasing her blinking rate to avoid causing distress to her (presumably willing) viewers. We reckon if this fellow doesn’t enjoy her performances, he should discover the channel change button on his remote, and perhaps also remember that actors on TV are, in fact, looking into a camera and not at the people sitting on their couches at home.

Source: The Guardian
Main Image: Wikimedia Commons – Chinese Aladdin