If you’re anything like us, you spend a more than healthy amount of time day-dreaming about cutting down enemies with a katana. Not that we really have any enemies or even people we’d glare at on the subway. Heck, we’re pretty peaceful, loving folks here at RocketNews24! But that doesn’t change the fact that Japanese swords are just freaking awesome.

Still, there’s not much cause to walk around with a sword strapped to your hip these days. Fortunately, Nikken Cutlery has found the perfect compromise: scissors inspired by the swords of Oda Nobunaga and other samurai!

Just because you can’t wear your finest blade to work doesn’t mean you can’t at least add a samurai flair to your office with these katana scissors.

▼ Complete with hamon (tempering line) on the blades!

Nikken Cutlery has three types of katana scissors for your slicing needs, including one inspired by Oda Nobunaga’s sword Heshikiri-hasebe and featuring a gold-tipped “scabbard.”


The scissor blades are made of stainless steel and the handles are covered in lacquered tsukamaki, making for perhaps the prettiest scissors we’ve ever seen! Of course, cutting instruments these gorgeous don’t come cheap, and a pair will put you back 12,000 yen (about US$100), but isn’t that worth it for two stainless blades?! And you have a little time to save up your yen—these scissors won’t be available until October 21.

▼ They’re tiny blades, but blades nonetheless.

▼ The scissors screw also bears Oda Nobunaga’s family crest.

信長モデル 家紋20150917-855x1024

And in case you don’t want to keep your expensive new tools locked up in a wooden box, Nikken Cutlery also offers this stand for another 400 yen (about $3.30).


In addition to the top-billing Oda Nobunaga version, Nikken Cutlery has other samurai-sword-inspired, like these golden dragon scissors. Unfortunately, these haven’t been given a release date or a price yet, but we can’t imagine they’ll be cheap.

▼ They got the name for obvious reasons…


▼ We’re not sure how practical gold handles are, but they look cool!


There’s also a set of colorful katana scissors that are more reasonably priced and available via Amazon Japan for between 1,900 yen ($16) and 2,700 yen ($22.50).

▼ They’re not as flashy, but they’ll work just as well to cut up your bills!

And, best of all, now you have something to pair with your samurai armor bottle covers!

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Images: Nikken Cutlery