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There isn’t enough praise we can give to Japanese convenience stores because they provide exactly what their name suggests, convenience. They stock all sorts of snack foods, expertly pre-prepared meals, and a wide selection of delicious rice balls. Those tasty onigiri are the perfect snack, portable, tasty and with very little waste.

But sometimes you are just so hungry that you need to be eating that onigiri right then and there. You try to quickly open the package, but it all just gets mangled instead. Fear not! RocketNews24 will show you how to open an onigiri in only one second. You won’t want to miss this video after the jump.

For someone who has never eaten an onigiri from the store before, they can be a little confusing to open. The casual diner won’t expect there to be tabs and numbered instructions, so they just sort of start pulling on things until the plastic and rice eventually falls apart in their hands. It doesn’t seem easy at first until someone comes along and points out that the packaging tells you how to open it. After all, in Japan, if it’s not easy to open, you’re probably doing it wrong.

▼ Pull the corners starting with 一 (one), 二 (two), and finally 三 (three)

onigiri 1

As you can see, the triangular onigiri is opened by a three-step process. You pull the center tab, pull each of the sides out, and then you can start eating. But what if you could turn, “One, two, three, eat,” into, “One, eat”? It might seem impossible, but it’s actually quite easy. Just pull on the sides at the same time you are pulling the center tab. How do you accomplish that exactly? Let us show you.

With the help of your friends, you can be eating convenience store onigiri in one second flat! It’s probably going to take a bit of practice, so go grab a bunch of onigiri, gather some of your friends, and try it out! Just be sure not to waste any of the onigiri, because they are delicious.

▼ Crazy delicious!

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