Handmade leather accessories are specially designed for Japan’s greatest, healthiest convenience store snack.

One of the greatest things about Japanese convenience stores is how they’re always stocked with delicious onigiri. While onigiri is uaually translated as “rice ball,” the palm-sized collections of rice, filling, and seaweed are often triangular in shape.



Priced at around 120 yen (just a little over US$1), onigiri are a quick, affordable, and nutritious snack or on-the-go meal component. And now, thanks to Japanese leather goods maker Arataya, onigiri aren’t just part of a healthy diet, but part of a fashionable appearance as well.


Arataya is now offering leather onigiri holders. Held closed by a metal snap, the open-ended holsters allow you to carry your triangular onigiri in a stylish way, protecting it from getting smushed while still letting the corners maintain their crisp angles.



Each holder is handmade, and sized to perfectly fit the standard-sized onigiri sold at convenience stores and supermarkets across Japan. Priced at 4,200 yen (US$36), each is equipped with a buckle to let you clip the holder to a backpack for easy access when hiking through the wilderness or exploring the concrete jungles of Japan’s major metropolises.


The onigiri holders can be purchased through online creative retailer Creema, and are available in tan, black, and striped versions.





Oh, and if you’re wondering how you’re supposed to get your onigiri out of its plastic wrapping once you remove it from your slick leather holder, we’ve can show you right here.

Source: Japaaan
Top image: Creema
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