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Earlier this summer, RocketNews24 brought you the breaking news that the United States’ MegaBots had built a giant robot and had challenged Japan who, to no one’s surprise, already had a giant robot themselves. This challenge for robot supremacy was quickly accepted and the ante was upped to include melee combat.

MegaBots couldn’t back down from a challenge they issued first, so it was back to the drawing board in preparation for next year’s battle for national pride. They have some ideas, but are going to need your help to “kickstart” an American victory.

MegaBots is turning to Kickstarter in order to make the upgrades necessary to fulfill the melee combat portion of the giant robot fight. They have teamed up with Howe and Howe Technologies in order to refit their Mk. II to be twice as fast as its Japanese rival, KURATAS.

The crowdfunding campaign’s initial funding goal is US$500,000. It hasn’t quite made it all the way there yet, but with just under two weeks left to go, the team is hoping it will hit the mark, so that the Mk. II can hit the KURATAS. If the initial goal is met, according to the Kickstarter page, MegaBots will be able to,

  • Add heavy-duty armor plating
  • Add some serious firepower
  • Upgrade our hydraulics to handle the heavier armor and firepower
  • Increase our top speed
  • Upgrade our power unit to keep up with our new hydraulic system and speed

However, in order to guarantee a win against the Japanese team, they will need to upgrade their machine in various other ways to the tune of $1,500,000.

Stretch goal #1:robot kick 2In order to best the Japanese robot, the MegaBots team wants to test an array of armaments to find the optimal weapons layout for their battling bot. This includes testing both melee and ranged weaponry to ensure absolute victory.

Stretch goal #2: robot kick 3Since giant robots are quite heavy, it seems like one impact will unbalance either team and the fight could be over right there. That’s why MegaBots wants to work with IHMC Robotics to develop a custom balance control system that would be the difference between getting punched once and surviving to get punched multiple times.

Stretch goal #3: robot kick 4Nobody in America knows advanced safety systems better than NASA, so $1,250,000 will allow the team to pick NASA’s brain and see how they can use their advanced human safety knowledge to permit the pilots to keep on battling through extreme conditions.

Stretch goal #4:robot kick 5This last stretch goal might not have anything to do with the actual fight, but has everything to do with the American spirit. Americans want to win and they want to look good doing it, so if they reach their monetary goal, MegaBots will make sure the Mk. II looks as fearsome as any giant robot should.

For those who donate enough to the campaign, MegaBots has some pretty unique and sweet backer rewards on offer. Some of the higher tiers even allow you to ride in the giant robot or shoot its massive guns. Just make sure you get your donation in before the pledge deadline of September 18, 8:01 a.m. EDT. As you are entering your donor information to make your pledge, do the patriotic thing and chant, “USA! USA! USA!” as you give them your money. It is the American thing to do.

Source: Otapol
Featured image: Kickstarter
Top Image: Wikimedia Commons/Library of Congress

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