Humanity waits on bated breath as the all-out brawl of metal fists between two hulking colossi approaches.

America-based robot company MegaBots threw down the gauntlet to Japanese rival Suidobashi Heavy Industry two years ago, issuing a video challenge that left no room for negotiation. Suidobashi Heavy Industry’s CEO Kogoro Kurata bared teeth and responded with an a declaration of war, threatening to punch his opponent to scrap.

Naturally it wouldn’t be much fun if all the robots did was stand at a distance and shoot each other down. No, it has to be close-quarter melee, and the event promises to be a no-holds-barred, metal-against-metal smashfest between MegaBots’s Eagle Prime and Suidobashi’s Kuratas.

Scheduled to be held on 17 October at 7:00 p.m. PST, spectators can tune in to the super heavyweight duel live on Twitch.

▼ The world shall tremble at their coming.

Despite the apparent lack of concrete information on how the combatants have been modified for combat, we did come across one interesting tidbit on Eagle Prime.

▼ Measuring 12 feet tall, Eagle Prime sports a
claw designed for grappling and a nasty chainsaw.

▼ Less is known about the Kuratas, but it does seem
to be fairly mobile compared to its American counterpart.

Japanese netizens were a little concerned with how Suidobashi’s robot would fare:

“America is going to win this insane battle. I want to watch it.”
“Is the Kuratas even combat ready? I hope it doesn’t get scrapped in an instant.”
“Kuratas running at full speed will surely knock over Eagle Prime, no?”
“What are the rules of the duel? If it involves tag, then Kuratas will probably win.”
“Unfortunately it seems like America’s robot is way heavier than Japan’s. One hit and it’ll be crushed. I just hope that Kuratas won’t be smashed into pieces.”

While the heavier robot would probably have the upper hand in a duel, the outcome of such an epic brawl is really anyone’s guess. We’ll just have to tune in and see. Oh, and did we mention that you can actually buy your very own rideable Kuratas robot from Amazon Japan?

Source: Yurukuyaru
Featured image: Twitter/@MegaBots