If you’ve grown up eating bacon and sausage for breakfast, a Japanese morning meal can be refreshingly light. Generally consisting of a slice of grilled fish, small bowl of white rice, miso soup, and some vegetables, Japan’s take on the most important meal of the day will give you enough energy and nutrients to kick-start your body while leaving out excess fat and calories that can have you ready to crawl back into bed for a nap.

But not everyone in Japan has such a modestly sized breakfast. In fact, pro wrestler Manabu Nakanishi’s breakfast looks more like dinner…for a family of four!

In all fairness, the 48-year-old Nakanishi is by no means a little guy. New Japan Pro-Wrestling, the outfit he’s currently attached to, lists his height and weight at 186 centimeters and 120 kilograms (6 feet 1 inch and 264 pounds). On top of having such a large frame, Nakanishi still wrestles professionally, meaning his lifestyle is one of regular an intense physical activity, and thus that his body needs plenty of fuel.

PB 2

So that’s why his Saturday breakfast looks like this.

Nakanishi himself refers to the spread as the “Monster Morning,” and on this particular day it looks to consist of two giant salads, ham, sausage, kabocha (Japanese pumpkin), lotus root, a rice omelet, croquettes, multiple plates of fruit, and roughly an entire bag of bread rolls.

The Monster Morning seems to be a pretty regular ritual, too. The above picture was tweeted on September 5, and the very next day, Nakanishi shared this photo of his table.

▼ Check out the cornflakes on the bottom left.

An the spread for the next day, September 7?

Honestly, with all this variety and quantity, we expect Nakanishi has to chase off packs of travelers daily when they mistake his kitchen for their hotel’s buffet line.

▼ Especially when he’s having curry, a Japanese hotel staple.

▼ Udon noodles (bottom left) make their first appearance, along with fried chicken and a pile of five hard-boiled eggs.

And while Nakanishi looks to have a definite fondness for Japanese dishes, he’s not entirely averse to mixing in some Western food, like these waffles.

▼ Which are, ironically, mini-sized.

But as crazy as it is to see that a single meal for Nakanishi requires more plates than my wife and I have in all of our cupboards, there’s one other thing that stands out: The guy is extremely conscientious about eating his vegetables. Seriously, go back and take a look. Almost every meal has at least two plates that are nothing but veggies.

After all, even when you’re eating several times more than an average person, the food pyramid scales proportionally.

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