Takeshita Seika, an ice cream and confectioner based in Kyushu, Japan, has been around for more than a century. They make all sorts of delectable edibles, from ice cream to cake, but are most famous for their “black mon blanc” ice cream bar. Now, the company is taking the most important meal of the day and turning it into the most delicious meal of the day too, with their new granola “breakfast ice cream” bar!

The “Kore de choushoku aisu“, (roughly translated as “this is breakfast ice cream”), just hit store shelves on September 7, with the idea of replacing the traditional cold granola and milk breakfast with something a bit more exciting.

The ice cream bar features dried apples and raisins wrapped in milky vanilla ice cream. The bar is then coated with a thin chocolate coating, and finally a slightly cinnamon-y granola crunch. Sounds like a beautiful match made in breakfast heaven.


I can hear the groans of health conscious people the world over, wondering how any company can get away with marketing ice cream as breakfast food. I personally do rather agree, but at the same time, thinking about the ultra-sweet kids cereal and toaster pastries I grew up on as a child, I might as well have been eating ice cream.

But whether you decide to enjoy this as your morning wake up or as an after-dinner treat, it’s sure to satisfy that sweet tooth and give you the sugar rush you need!

Source and images: Narinari.com