Katsuya has a crunchy cereal chicken coating for when breadcrumbs just won’t cut it.

We could all express a little more gratitude to the humble cornflake. While it’s true their most famous form is as a breakfast staple, poured hastily into a bowl and soaked in milk, there are so many possibilities for these toasted, golden curls of milled corn! They’ve been crunched up and turned into candy bars, packed into parfaits and even sprinkled on dessert pizzas. And there are savory applications, too — many people swear by cornflakes as a replacement for any kind of breadcrumb coating or topping.

Katsuya, a restaurant that specializes in fried cutlet rice bowls, has apparently cottoned on to the mighty power of the cornflake. For a limited time, starting from March 6, they will be serving up piping hot bowls of chicken katsu cutlet, deep fried in a crunchy corn flake breading.

▼ The promotional image proclaims “Cornflake?! Chicken Katsu“, summing up our reactions nicely.

Promotional ads for the cornflake katsu extol the delights of its crunchy, crispy mouthfeel, while assuring you it’s “not panko breadcrumbs” that’s coating the cuts of spiced chicken.

▼ It’s hard to see how anyone would mistake these obvious cornflakes for panko.

Katsuya is really pushing the boat out on these cornflake claims, too. Not only does their promotional material rave about the mouthfeel, but they also promise that adding a touch of mayonnaise to these unique fried chicken bits will totally transform the taste. While it seems a tad strange to praise cornflakes for their crunchiness when applied to fried chicken, a food that already holds its own just fine in the crunchiness stakes, there’s no mistaking the pull of this bizarre combination.

▼ Purchase some cornflake chicken on its own for 490 yen (US$4.55) plus tax.

Oh, well. This is, after all, the chain that created the deep-fried ramen croquette. For 590 yen plus tax you can purchase a bowl of delicious spicy chicken coated in cornflakes and deep fried, and there’s something beautiful about that.

▼ For 690 yen plus tax, you can have a side of rice and miso soup with your cornflake chicken bowl.

The ramen croquettes turned out to be impressively tasty, so time will tell just how much crunchy goodness we stand to gain from swapping panko breading for cereal. Thank goodness they aren’t cheesecake-flavored, at least!

Source, images: Katsuya
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