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Paris Hilton took a trip to China last week, hosting outrageously expensive parties in both Shanghai and Beijing. Her whole trip wasn’t as glamorous as we would imagine, or she would have hoped, however, as she got stuck in a crowded elevator for nearly an hour. You can probably imagine her reactions amid the incident, but just in case, here’s a video too.

What surprised us most, though, was what happened when she finally got out…

On the way up to her lavish, 3,800 yuan (US$600)-cover party in Shanghai, Paris Hilton got stuck in an elevator for nearly an hour.

It’s not like it was a large, luxurious elevator either. She was crammed in there with an American friend, a DJ, and nine other people! While anybody and everybody would be distressed if they were trapped in an elevator for that long, leave it to the socialite to document the event with her cellphone.

▼ Notice the poster inside the elevator. Hint: It’s of Paris Hilton.

Like we said, anyone would be miserable if they were stuck in an elevator for five minutes, let alone an hour, so Paris’s swearing, whining and complaining is pretty understandable. In fact, she wasn’t alone, you can hear other people doing the same in the background (in Chinese).

▼ Aw, poor Paris *pouty face*

Apparently, the efforts of the security team and the mechanics were all in vain. It wasn’t until one brave citizen risked his arm to pry open the elevator doors that the trapped passengers were freed.

What surprised us the most about this whole ordeal is that Paris, despite being a little more than fashionably late to her party, took the time to authentically acknowledge the hero in the video and even snapped a photo with him and posted it on her Instagram.

▼ How many people can claim they saved the heiress to Hilton Hotels from an elevator?

An hour in an elevator didn’t stop Paris from enjoying the party or DJing her set. We’re not sure, but we have a feeling she was probably pretty hesitant to get in other elevators for the rest of her trip in China though. Either way, she made it out alive with a smile on her face and showed her appreciation.

Source: Shanghaiist