Drastic solution required to remove cheeky locomotive.

Most of us are familiar with Thomas the Tank Engine, the popular kids TV show about a group of engine buddies on the island of Sodor. Thomas and his friends are well-known for getting into all kinds of mischief, but this is one incident that even Sir Topham Hatt couldn’t have seen coming down the track.

While the eponymous Thomas gets most of the limelight, his friends get a fair share of it too; for this tale, the red engine James gets the starring role. And for one unfortunate Japanese Twitter user @kuzeikumi, James ended up being a bit of a problem when he got entangled in her hair. 

▼ “Unbelievable… I got James stuck in my hair. Couldn’t get it out at all, so I just left the house looking like this.”

While @kuzeikumi doesn’t mention what exactly she was doing with the toy in order to get it caught in her hair, it’s clear from her tone that she had made an error in judgement. Still, we have to commend her bravery for actually leaving her house with a toy train stuck in her hair.

Twitter users had this to say about the woman’s literal train wreck:

“‘How James got caught.’ Sounds like the plot of an episode!”
“When I was in kindergarten, I got part of a Thomas toy caught in my teeth. I had to go to the dentist with a freight car dangling from my mouth. It was so embarrassing…”
“The fact that you went outside looking like that is amazing!”
“Why do Thomas and his friends always cause problems like this? They’re gonna end up in the scrap heap!”

The accessory brought to mind a historic fashionista for Twitter user @rainywoods2001 –

“Marie Antoinette was famous for wearing miniature ships on her head as an accessory. Maybe this is the locomotive version!”

One clever Twitter user went a step further and gave a new name for the accessory; the Jemusubi (The James Topknot), combining the Japanese reading of the name James (Jeemusu) with the word for topknot (‘musubi’).

If you’re worried about whether or not @kuzeikumi is still wandering around the streets of Japan with an engine entangled in her hair, fear not; she posted an update two days later, saying that her sister had cut her hair and removed the toy. James was thankfully unharmed in the incident.

While we’re pretty sure we won’t be seeing this new style debuting at Paris Fashion Week anytime soon, Japan is well-known for its unique and unusual trends, so we wouldn’t be surprised if we saw this look popping up in the streets of Harajuku in the weeks to come. If anything, @kuzeikumi‘s admission has encouraged other Twitter users to come forward with their tales of tangled toy torment, such as this.

And it’s certainly not the first time Thomas has terrorized the Twittersphere – check out these stories about a Thomas toy getting stuck in a vacuum cleaner, or the terrifying drawing that will probably ruin your childhood.

Source: Twitter/@kuzeikumi via Jin
Featured image: Twitter/@kuzeikumi
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