pumpkin 3

October 31 is quickly approaching and for those of us who don’t have our costumes or decorations ready yet, you’d best hurry. Sure there are plenty of last-minute costumes and decorations you can scrounge up, but don’t be surprised if it doesn’t compare to something meticulously planned out.

A carved pumpkin is one decoration you can complete in a few hours, but if you really want to lure the trick-or-treaters, you have to go the extra mile. Check out this amazing pumpkin that shows us the day in the life of lovable Luigi and his haunted mansion. It would look awesome on your front porch, and even more so with a special little addition.

All it takes to make a Jack-o’-lantern is a couple of triangles and some circles, but people have been very creative in the past few years utilizing the thick walls of the pumpkin to carve out an image that truly glows thanks to the candle in the middle. DeviantArtist Ceemee has been posting a number of pumpkins that often feature a gaming theme, but one of her past creations has been getting a lot of publicity recently.

pumpkin 3DevianArt/ceemdee

Ceemdee used stencils, X-acto blades, and some serious skills when carving on the pumpkin. Just look at how intricate her slices are, as well as the control she must need to get the different depths.

pumpkin 1DevianArt/ceemdee

pumpkin 5DevianArt/ceemdee

Perhaps the coolest part, though, is how she combines a Boo carving with the Luigi. Shining behind Luigi thanks to a LED, the accompanying effect sets this pumpkin far and above the rest.

pumpkin 2DevianArt/ceemdee

pumpkin 4DevianArt/ceemdee

Be sure to check out her DeviantArt page for more pumpkin carvings as well as tips for carving one of your own. Hope everyone gets their costumes and pumpkins done before October 31. Happy Halloween!

Source, images: DevianArt/ceemdee