Taking idol worship to a whole other level.  

There are a lot of popular idols in Japan, but in the eyes of many there’s only one so stunningly attractive to have earned the title of a “once-in-a-thousand-year beauty”.

The idol with the millennial appeal is 21-year-old Kanna Hashimoto, who first came to fame as a member of Fukuoka-based vocalist unit Rev. from DVL.

Over the past seven years, the Fukuoka-born beauty has quickly risen to stardom, drawing massive crowds of admirers wherever she goes and even starring in commercials for big brands like Nissin Cup Noodles. Now, Hashimoto has become such a popular face that one of Japan’s leading eye care manufacturers, Rohto Pharmaceutical, will be selling her eyes to customers.

▼ Hashimoto talks about the upcoming “Kanna Eye + Project” in the short clip below.

That’s right — soon fans will be able to wear Hashimoto’s eyes in the form of coloured contact lenses. Created for Rohto’s Amiable brand of moist coloured contact lenses, the new product is set to be designed with super-precision to replicate the shade of the idol’s real eyes perfectly.

According to the company, the idea to replicate Hashimoto’s eyes in a contact lens came from the large number of fans and young women who had commented specifically on the beauty of her eyes, saying they would love to own her shade in a pair of coloured contact lenses.

▼ A lot of young women say they want eyes like the “once in a millennium” idol.

Although she was wearing a pair of PC glasses when we met her in person seven years ago, Hashimoto says she doesn’t wear contact lenses as she has no problems with her eyesight. In an interview for the product, however, she proved to be the perfect spokesmodel by saying she had tried the Amiable lenses on for the project and found them to be incredibly comfortable.

When Hashimoto receives compliments on her eyes, she tells people they’re “ragan”, which translates to “naked eyes”. In line with this sense of bare beauty, Hashimoto can be seen baring her naked shoulders in advertising for the new product.

Rohto says Hashimoto’s eyes will be “thoroughly analysed” for the project, taking into account the diameter and size of her pupil and the proportion between the iris and the whites of her eyes as well.

Here’s hoping it doesn’t lead to another case of stalking-via-eyeball like this one involving a Japanese idol last year.

Rohto plans to release the contact lenses in July, with more information on sale locations and pricing to be announced on the Amiable site shortly.

Source: Livedoor News via Jin 
Featured image: Instagram/kannahashimoto.mg
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