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A lot has been written about Japan’s incredible train culture. From carriages dressed up as anime characters to people who band together to rescue a fellow commuter, you don’t even have to get on a train to experience all the action; you can see it all first-hand from the platform itself.

That’s what one commuter found when they stumbled upon this little guy while waiting for the train in Japan. Caught on video, it shows an adventurous pigeon who doesn’t even flinch when the train arrives, instead walking up to the passenger doors, waiting for them to open and then hopping on board to find a seat.

The video, posted on Imgur by user , has already received half a million views in just two days. Posted under the title “A typical day in Japan”, the video is getting a lot of attention from around the world, while in Japan, netizens want to make it clear that this is definitely not a typical day in the Land of the Rising Sun. Aww, Japan, don’t ruin the illusion for us!

Watch below as the little bird doesn’t even flinch when the noisy, enormous train pulls in. Nothing can ruffle this guy’s feathers!


Here’s what netizens are saying about the train-loving bird:

“His flight must have been cancelled so he had to get the train.”

“I wonder how many times it’s done this. It even knows to wait for the doors to open.”

“Birds and insects get to ride for free in Japan”

“It didn’t stand behind the yellow line!”


While there’s been no reference to the platform where the unusual scene was filmed, Japanese commenters mentioned that they’ve occasionally seen birds on trains on the Musashino line that runs from Yokohama all the way to Chiba. What business they’re all tending to, nobody knows. Let’s just hope they all know to avoid rush hour!

Source: Rakatan
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