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Some drivers are committed to hauling as much cargo as they can in a single run, but the law usually draws the line of how much is OK to carry somewhere below the absolute limit of what’s physically possible. So when this trucker in China was warned that his container of gravel was over the limit, he had no choice but to dump some of his load…which he chose to do right on the inspector.

China-based CCTV News reports that the incident occurred in Haikou, the capital of Hainan Province. Located at the mouth of the Nandu River, Haikou is the major center of economic and industrial activity on Haidian Island, which means a lot of finished goods and byproducts are being moved about the city at any given moment.

The trucker seen in the video appears to have been getting ready to cart off a load of gravel from some sort of factory, construction site, or mine. But when he’s informed by an inspector that his vehicle is overloaded, he begins hammering on one of its side panels with a pole of some kind.

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Oddly enough, the inspector makes no move to stop him, instead continuing to look at the driver while continuing his warning. Given what happens next, though, perhaps he should have had his eyes on the truck instead.

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The panel pops open, and stones begin pouring out of the truck. As the inspector loses his footing, the driver stands above him, menacing him with the pipe as he becomes increasingly buried under the rocks. Once he seems satisfied that the inspector won’t be able to escape on his own, the driver leaves the scene.

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Thankfully, the cameraman (who appears to be wearing some sort of strap-on camera, since we see both of his hands, one of which is holding a smartphone) comes to the inspector’s assistance. According to CCTV News, the official was unharmed and the driver was later apprehended by the authorities. Let this be a lesson, though, that when you’re telling someone “You’ve got to dump some of this cargo,” it might be a smart idea to add “and not on me.”

Source: YouTube/CCTV News via Toychan
Images: YouTube/CCTV News