Should we call this crazy accident a pileup or a pile-in?

In any traffic accident, the greatest fear is that someone will be seriously injured. As such, we imagine it was a frightening moment on Thursday morning when a Japanese truck driver struck a Daihatsu Mira e:s, crumpling the driver’s side rear corner panel of the sub-compact.

Thankfully, no one was hurt. However, there’s still the matter of property damage, as the driver, or perhaps his employer, would be liable for economic amends. The Mira e:s is a very reasonably priced car, though, starting at just about 1.2 million yen (US$11,400), so the repairs shouldn’t cost too much.

▼ The Daihatsu Mira e:s

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But then the Mira skidded into a full-size Toyota wagon parked along the side of the road. Okay, so this accident was starting to get a little pricy, but things couldn’t get much worse, right?

Well, next the Daihatsu skidded off the Toyota and through the glass front of the building it was parked in front of. Said building just happened to be a car dealership, so before finally coming to a stop, the Daihatsu hit two more cars that were on the showroom floor: a Ferrari and a Lamborghini.

▼ Not pictured: the truck which started the five-vehicle accident

Yes, even though the two exclusive Italian marques are bitter rivals, they coexist peacefully at the dealership that Twitter user @yoshi0713ua5 works at. Sadly, positioning the two ultra-expensive sports cars right by the window made it easy for them to not only catch the eyes of passersby, but also the front fascia of the violently intruding Daihatsu.

Amazingly, even after all the automotive destruction, no one was injured in the multiple chain-reaction collisions. What’s more, @yoshi0713ua5 was remarkably good-natured about the incident, tweeting:

“It was really shocking, but at least no one got hurt! Now all we can do is wait for the insurance companies to sort everything out.

No use getting worked up over something that’s already done. It’s not like the truck driver did it on purpose, so I hope they don’t come down on him too hard and that he can keep his job.

Let’s all be careful out on the roads! No one comes away from an accident happy.”

We second the call to stay alert and cautious behind the wheel, especially when driving past showrooms with ridiculously expensive cars in them.

UPDATE: It looks like the above tweets have been deleted, but the tweet below appears to have the same images.

Source: Jin, Twitter/@yoshi0713ua5
Insert image: Daihatsu

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