Understandable anger, illegal reaction.

At roughly 6 o’clock on Tuesday evening, a 43-year-old truck driver in Japan’s Mie Prefecture was making a pit stop of a non-vehicular variety. Stepping into the restroom of a shopping center in Suzuka City, he entered a stall and presumably began preparations to make his deposit.

However, before he’d finished his business, a wad of toilet paper came flying over the wall separating his stall from the one next to it. Under certain circumstances, an unsolicited paper supply can be a kind-hearted gesture, but the truck driver already had plenty of paper in his own stall, and it was clear whoever was throwing the paper at him wasn’t trying to help, since the paper was wet.

It’s unclear exactly what the paper was moist with, but there’s really no sort of liquid-treated missiles you want thrown at you by strangers in a restroom. The man burst out of his stall, opened the door next to his, and pulled the gross prankster out of the compartment by his collar before slapping him on the left cheek.

Ordinarily, many would argue that this was a pretty justified reaction, because it’s hard to imagine any scenario in which someone could accidentally be tossing toilet paper around at wall-clearing height. However, the target of the truck driver’s aggression was actually several decades younger than the man, as it turned out to have been an eight-year-old boy who tossed the wet toilet paper (which might explain why the man chose to strike him with an open palm instead of a closed fist).

The late comedian Bernie Mac once insinuated that if you’re grown-up enough to talk back, you’re grown-up enough to get punched in the throat, but the local authorities didn’t agree with the truck driver’s logic that if the kid was old enough to fling toilet paper, he was old enough to get slapped in the face. The truck driver was placed under arrest for assaulting the child, and has admitted that he struck him, saying “I lost my temper.” There’s no word as to what sort of legal punishment he’ll face, or what, if any, parental punishment is coming for the kid.

Source: Tokai TV via Jin
Top image: Pakutaso
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