During these crisp, cool days of autumn, the leaves are changing color to vibrant reds and yellows. Along with that change in the scenery comes a shift in fashion, as people step out in sweaters, coats, and other cold-weather attire.

But while you or I can put on a heavy jacket to help ward off the chill, that’s not an option for Japan’s woodland animals. Don’t worry, though because while these tanuki can’t put on additional layers of clothing to keep warm, they can add additional layers of tanuki by sleeping in an adorable bunch.

As anyone who shares their bed with another occupant knows, collective body heat can feel as cozy and comfortable as a soft blanket. So imagine the cumulative effects being enjoyed by this group of five friendly raccoon dogs.


The cuddly colony was spotted during its nap by Japanese Twitter user @XAI_251375. Snapping pictures from a vantage point above the scene, the results end up looking like a topographical map of cuteness.

Granted, this is a lot more low-tech than the parrot we recently saw spreading its wings and warming itself up by hogging a space heater, but this old-fashioned approach means everyone gets to share the warmth. As a matter of fact, we’re feeling just a bit sleepy and chilly ourselves, and the display of tanuki teamwork has us wanting to ask these guys if they’ve got room for one more in their slumbering party.

Source: Hamster Sokuho, Twitter/@XAI_251375