Depending on where you grew up, prairie dogs might be nothing more than hated, pesky varmints you just wish would go away. But in Japan, they are adorable little creatures deserving all your squeals of “kawaiiiii” — especially when they end up in a traffic jam!

A trip to Morioka City Zoological Park has netted Twitter user @XAI_251375 a bevy of attention, first with photos of tanuki sleeping in adorable piles. Now, the he has another hit: A tweet with photos of a “prairie dog traffic jam!”

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“The prairie dogs, who seemed to be trying to get into their hut, ended up causing in a traffic jam!”

▼ And you thought your morning commute was bad…


▼ “Alright, who farted, dammit?!”


▼ Of course, there’s always one guy who’s trying to go the opposite direction.


▼ “Screw it! I’ll just wait here until you guys sort yourselves out.”


Internet commenters obviously loved the photos and their furry subjects.

“Oh! I want to smoosh in there with them!”
“They look so fluffy!”
“They’re pretty chubby, aren’t they?”
“Is it okay if I get in line last?”
“Jeez, what an awful traffic jam!”
“Don’t they know they should form orderly lines? LOL!”
“Maybe they need ETC (electronic expressway cards) so they can skip the tolls?”

@XAI_251375, who is also an artist active on Pixiv, certainly found the most adorable traffic jam we’ve ever seen. Definitely better than any we’ve ever been stuck in!

Source: HamusokuTwitter/@XAI_251375
Top image: Twitter/@XAI_251375